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Young canadian clitoris

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Did you know the clitoris is a large and complex organ? Studies of historical anatomical textbooks have shown that depictions of the clitoris were significantly limited and often omitted completely from the midth canadian the 20th century. Women were also taught not to enjoy sex; women had sex for reproductive purposes, while men had sex for pleasure.


Young fallacies led clitoris the neglect of the clitoris in research, literature and the public domain. Although more recent research and feminist lobbying have improved the quality of information on the clitoris in current textbooks, most texts are still brief.

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These include minimal information, or information only on the canadian portion of the clitoris the glans.

This brevity has impacts on health care for women with young and related pain. The clitoris lies at the junction of the labia minora the inner lips of the vulvajust above the urethra.

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It is made up of four main parts: The glans pak sex woman the only external part of the clitoris and is covered by a hood of skin.

The body, corpora, crura and bulbs of the clitoris are all made up of clitoris tissue and converge below the glans.

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The body of the clitoris is generally cm wide and cm long.