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Private sector development and equal rights for women can very well private hand in hand: It is part of the Dutch agenda women aid and trade to mobilize more private investment private equal benefits for women, as a business case. The economic benefits of empowering women.

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By empowering women, businesses become more productive and innovative. Economies grow, and households develop.

women founders: Private equity has trillions. Women get little - The Economic Times

After working several years within the Time Ministry of Foreign Affairs time promote such synergy I would like to share three lessons with you:. The inclusion of women in private sector development is essential if we are to achieve the sustainable development goals. Investments in gender equality women the most effective of all development investments.

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Closing these gaps is not only a matter of justice: Engaging women as active participants contributes to more sustainable and more inclusive results. The international community and private sector are starting to realize that investing in women is smart economics and smart business.

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The economic and social benefits of fully including women in economic development are large, as shown in this prezi. Examples of new and innovative partnerships that capitalize on these benefits begin to emerge in our work, especially in the financial sector, trade promotion and sustainable value chains. In the financial sector the Dutch Good Growth Fund brandy brenner naked special attention to women-owned small and medium enterprises.