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Weird know not to send ladies unsolicited pictures of your package. But did you know that in Singapore you can't be naked in your own home?!?! Or that until naked early 19th century, the country was possibly governed by Nevernudes?

10 Weirdest Naked Events (NSFW)

You didn't, did you? Yea, turns out there are still a lot of weird nudity laws like Singapore's on the books, both in the US and around naked world.

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How weird? Well, here are super sistr pussi of the more outlandish ones.

5 Insane Moments Involving Naked People

Who knew? Singapore Wandering around the house -- your house, under your roof -- in the buff is considered pornography in Singapore.


Cleveland, OH Weird the smallest sliver of underboob is considered nudity in Cleveland, and thus, obscene. Strippers tested the law in with a nude performance of Macbeth and got away with it.

Munich, Germany Germans in Munich combined their love of both nudity and order last year by creating six designated zones specifically for public nudity. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.