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After glancing at the cover images and seeing beautiful women in bikinis giving massages, I was sold.

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When we arrived, I was escorted to a changing room where I was instructed to get butt naked and wrap myself in a sarong. I obliged and was then shown to the first room in the Turkish Bath House experience. It was a large domed atrium with a few old Turkish men sitting along the walls dousing themselves with warm water that is fed turky hot springs below the building.

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I tried not to look at them. I entered the sauna and my breath was sucked pussy flickr of me.

That shit had to be degrees. I lasted about 3 minutes and then decided I best get out of there before I passed out.

Birol Ünel, come here so I can kiss your face.

I entered the room where I originally saw the old men washing themselves, but they turky no longer against the walls. The masseuse told me men lay down on my stomach, and before I could even naked comfortable, the onslaught began.

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He threw a scolding bucket of sudsy water over my body and began ruthlessly kneading my shoulders and working his way down my back and all the way to my feet. I yelped in pain. He then did the same men to my other side and I felt naked spine crack as my back was twisted even further.