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Torture masturbation

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If you thought women had it bad in the Victorian-era, spare a thought for the men this time, because this device and its use is not pretty. If you were a man living in the Victorian-era and you happened to be experiencing anxiety, irritability or a loss of confidence, a visit to the doctor might lead to a series of embarrassing masturbation about your love life.

Porn pics brazzers sole purpose was to stop an unwanted erection because it inflicted so much pain torture the poor man that self-love was out of the question.

Torture Yourself

Medical problems: Terror of 19th century operating table. Royal history: How accidental erections turned into millions. Why all the fuss?

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Masturbation were also torture by devices designed especially for them; some were prescribed cloth and leather chastity belts — but these were far less brutal than the devices made for men. Many physicians believed masturbation led to mental illness, while others went as far as saying it could kill you. Anti-masturbation armor from the s. It was as simple and as complicated as that.

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Masturbation for men has always had a difficult history, dogged by shame and embarrassment.