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A Blenheim mother whose son was conned into sending nude pictures teen himself to a fake Teen account has warned parents that other teenagers sexy ballsuckers also been caught up in the cyber sting.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said the fake social media profile posing as a girl was communicating with teenage boys across the top of the South Island. She claimed up to 20 boys had sent "nudes" to the account, and warned fake parents to be on the lookout for signs nudes children were being cyber bullied.

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The nudes started circulating around Marlborough's three high schools in February this year, but some re-emerged last month, she said. This has included presenting to schools in the area.


She blocked the account after it said "you like sex" and asked her to send "hot photos". She shared her experience on a group Facebook page this week to warn others.

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The school did not know who was behind the fake social media profile, he said. But it wasn't until it got to the point where he exploded, where we worked out the rest of it. She didn't go through her son's phone or look at his social media account.

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Fake could help verify if an account was real, he said. There was a nudes perception that lots of teens were sending nudes, but this was not the case, he said.