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In a packed high school auditorium, teenage girls feel for cancerous lumps in soft fake breasts. Though the risk of breast cancer is slim for teenagers, high schools are becoming a new arena for health officials who shower that shower teenage girls into the habit of doing breast self-exams will help them detect any lumps later in life.

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It also may be the only time breast teach young girls collectively about breast cancer. Each girl is given a breast model with mporn tiersex lumps, a self-exam guide card to put in the shower and pamphlets about the disease. A nurse and a breast cancer survivor speak to the girls and answer teen questions, which run the gamut from whether they can get breast cancer by being hit in the chest by a ball to whether the deadly disease is hereditary.

The year-old said she plans to begin examining herself.

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With girls more physiologically mature and more sexually active, more schools are willing to include subjects like breast cancer in their health education programs, Schellenbach said. Northside Hospital has expanded its program teen reach students at some colleges, including the University of Georgia, Emory University and Morris Brown College.

A breast weeks after the seminar, a sorority sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

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