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A report stated NFL cheerleaders are subjected to strict rules including weight goals and what to wear.

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NFL cheerleaders must maintain cowgirls ideal body weight," engage in the "proper use clooseup vagina tampons" and refrain from wearing sweatpants in public, according to a new report detailing the strict rules imposed on cheerleaders around the league.

Everything is up for grabs, according to the report, including the women's personal hygiene, dating life cowgirls wardrobe. Cheerleaders for the Baltimore Ravens were told to weigh-in regularly in order to maintain a specific weight. The Bengals told The New York Times the team changed their guidelines and no pussybabes have weight requirements.

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The Ravens and the NFL declined to comment. Pay is also a problem for the cheerleaders.

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The dancers receive barely more than minimum wage but are required to spend hundreds on their uniforms. Many are also required to attend charity events to help sell tickets and calendars -- yet they receive none of the proceeds. The report stated Carolina Panthers cheerleaders could change out of their uniforms once they were outside the stadium. New Orleans Saints cheerleaders were required to sell at least 20 calendars of themselves in bikinis before games.

Bailey Davisa former cheerleader for the Saints, told The New York Times she was fired days after posting a picture nude social media of herself in a one-piece swimsuit in January.

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She nude team officials accused her of violating rules that bar cheerleaders from appearing nude, seminude or in lingerie and that ban them from tasteless parties with Saints players. Davis told The New York Times that while selling the calendars she was naked ginger males afraid of being touched by an intoxicated fan.

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