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Sleeping niece

There are countless horror movies out there focusing on the ideas and theories of paranormal activity.

Aunt Snaps Scary Photo Of Her Niece Sleeping In A Headstand And Compares It To A Horror Movie

These supposed events are something that many are scared of. Niece others think they are a complete hoax. No matter what teen satin porn you take, the horror movies made about them will still most likely make you jump.

And when you see a video or a photo sleeping something that looks spooky, as much as you might hate to admit it, you might have to turn an extra night-light on when you go to sleep that night. Long, who is a social media personality known for her funny Vines and tweets, has a plethora of hysterical posts.

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She posted this tweet afterward, with photos from the movie Paranormal Activitythrowing her baby niece into the mix. This photo is from that horror movie. Creepy and scary? Normal for a baby?

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He stood up on top of the bar of his crib, screaming and crying until he fell back.