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By Madalyn MendozamySanAntonio. Music fans, specifically those loyal to Selena, will find the claims written in the book, many freeasinsex which have been controversial and disputed since its original release inhard to believe.

26 claims you may not know that emerge in the new release of 'Selena's Secret'

She answers questions pertaining to evidence found at the crime scene and a myserious doctor, Ricardo Martinez, who is said to be Selena's confidante, among other things. See 27 new details that emerged from the new edition in the gallery above. Selena's husband quintanilla new details about the Tejano star 20 years after her death in TV interview. I know her version completely and with selena details.

Selena Quintanilla's Life Story Has Been Made Into a Bilingual Children's Book - NBC Chicago

I accepted and still respect her request to not reveal other details she confided to me. For that reason I shall not mention anything until she changes her mind and presents the evidence to prove her revelations.

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I call it dirty money. All claims aside, it would be difficult boo sway the admiration of the Texas legend that is Selena Quintanilla.

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Do you believe them?