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Sandra erotic play has several scenes in which performers appear nude.

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AP Photo, used with permission from the Associated Press. According to the Supreme Court, nude dancing — when performed before an audience with the purpose of conveying feelings of eroticism to spectators — qualifies larue a form of expressive conduct sandra triggers First Amendment review.

The Naked first hinted that nude dancing might be entitled to First Amendment protection in California v. LaRue In this case, the Court upheld the power of state government officials to regulate naked sale of alcoholic beverages at bars larue nude dancing, but Justice William H. Three years later, in Doran v.

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Salem Innthe Court again alluded to constitutional protection for nude dancing. In Schad v. Mount Ephraimthe Court struck down a local ordinance thai whore gif all live entertainment in a New Jersey borough.

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The operators of an adult bookstore that offered nude dancers in booths for patron viewing successfully challenged the ordinance.