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Realtouch sex toy

If someone forced you to describe RealTouch Interactive in just two words, you'd probably call it a "digital brothel.

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But despite the positive press, the company's fortunes took a nosedive. RealTouch found itself unable to sell its hardware and, what's more, it is now catering to a dwindling group of existing customers.

It wasn't the moral majority, however, that pushed the sex-tech outfit to the brink of collapse. It was patent licensing. RealTouch launched in as a subsidiary of the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, a service that streams thousands of movies from its own site and also owns the popular video site PornoTube.

The company's initial teledildonic hardware, simply named the "RealTouch," consisted of a male masturbator -- a motorized sleeve placed over male genitalia in order to simulate sex, designed to work in sync with a set of specially modified movies from AEBN's back catalog.

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For example, if you watched a movie where a male performer was sqrting sex another person, realtouch thrusting motion would be replicated by the device. If that sex were to then quicken or toy their pace, the device would follow suit in real time.

It wasn't the most elegant of connected-sex solutions, though, since it required its own USB "mini tower" toy power realtouch to connect with a desktop Sex movies torke. The biggest challenge RealTouch encountered with its foray into connected sex toys was ensuring that video and motion data remained in sync for the users at home.

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To overcome that hurdle, the company had to abandon existing streaming-technology solutions in favor of a proprietary one built by an in-house engineering team. Instead of transmitting two separate streams one for video and one for the device's motion dataRealTouch's patented technology combines them, ensuring that the onscreen action remains in sync with the hardware. InRealTouch added a dildo called sex JoyStick to its stable of connected toys.