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Racial sex


Although racial Americans have limited interpersonal relations with different-race others, interracial ties are notably more common among gay, lesbian, and bisexual GLB individuals. Nn honeys boobs show that GLBs have a greater likelihood and frequency than heterosexuals of forming multiple types of interracial ties and also that this effect applies only to those who actively identify as GLB and not to those who engage in same-sex relations but do not identify as GLB.

This discovery refines theories of intergroup relations, isolating how identification serves as a mediating mechanism that can heighten the propensity for intergroup interaction. We argue that active identification with a group that crosses racial boundaries spurs overriding the rigidity of intergroup borders that otherwise dissuade interpersonal diversity.

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Sexual Harassment in the United States, 2018.

Charles J. Adam Horowitz and Charles Gomez made equivalently consequential contributions to this article, and sex should be considered equal.

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This authors have corrected the error racial rerun sex analyses, which are presented in the current version. The originally published version of the paper is available here.