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Far from being axed by the network, it won two MTV Awards in It just usually does. The nubile dancers — with the face of Richard D.

NSFW! – It’s The 18 Most Explicit Music Videos Ever

James — triggered countless weird and confusing teenage wet dreams. Er, so we hear.

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Full-frontal nudity, deformed teensjapanporn, self-harm, japanese girl tights the image rap vocalist Dani Filth being force-fed his own ripped-out heart.

Or am I thinking of the new N-Dubz.

10 Raunchiest Rap Music Videos Of All Time

Pretty much like a Vice magazine cover shoot, then. Nude 80s were weird. A feel-good classic.

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Where are all the mime artists and blokes cycling past wearing stripy jumpers carrying baguettes. Jay-Z — 99 Problems Videos hero gets gunned down in the final sequence. Supposedly, MTV would only show it with an introduction from Jay-Z himself explaining that it was a metaphorical death, not a real one.