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Royal Marines' new swingers in town as PTIs pass out

My wife and I have an open marriage. Can I be charged with adultery even though she allows me to sleep with other women? Military swingers beware: A spouse's consent to sleep with other men or women will not save you navy a conviction on the charge of adultery in violation of Article of swingers Uniform Code of Military Justice. Adultery, an offense unique to the military, occurs when a service member has sexual intercourse with someone who is not his or her spouse or who is married to someone else.

This conduct must be service discrediting or prejudicial to good order and discipline.

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You'll notice that this offense is triggered by sexual intercourse, regardless of whether it is navy. In the case U. David J.

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Gutierrez, the appellant, an Air Force technical sergeant, tried to fight an adultery charge by arguing that he and his wife had an open marriage and she consented to his sexual activities outside their union. He argued that "adultery requires a victim spouse and that a spouse who consents is not a victim," according to the Guangzhou milf fuck. Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals.

But the court rejected this argument that a spouse's consent can be used as a defense swingers an adultery charge.

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