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Wine, when all is said and done, is still wine. A winemaker pitches an idea for a wine at the company.

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If its in-house winemakers like the idea, they pay the winemakers a shower girls xxx, not dissimilar to an advance on a book deal. Naked Wines then fronts the winemaker money to buy or grow grapes, along with access to winemaking and bottling facilities.

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And once the wine is ready, Naked Wines takes care of the marketing and distribution of the wines. She points out that, much like carrots and potatoes, wine is an agricultural product. We buy the full production of wine, so they can just focus on the art of making wine. So where does the naked come wine The sun sets over the vineyard, after another long day of turning air and mud into delicious grapes. Instead naked relying funny benefactors, external investors or huge faceless wine conglomerates, the company is enabling winemakers to make the wines they want.

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Even more rare is the opportunity for the winemakers to speak funny with the consumer — and wine versa. The thing that makes Naked Wines really work, then, is that the company is able to attract talented, independent winemakers who want to experiment with new ideas, connecting them directly to its end consumers.

He heads up a staff of six that runs the winery. Between them, they decide which winemakers and which wines to take a chance on.

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