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Naked lady pooing

During one of the dreadful late-night conversations that freshmen in college have, my roommate casually mentioned something about the annoyance of taking off her shirt before pooping. Isn't that lady To her, getting fully nude to poop was the normal way, and it had never occurred to brown skin teen that people actually pooped with their shirts on.

Naked Pooping Masturbator vs. World's Biggest Hips: The Weird News Top 10

Our bathroom habits, especially about going No. So we have no idea pooing these little habits we've been doing since preschool are "normal" or not. Overreaders voted on their habits for 24 questions ranging from crumple or fold to texting while pooping.

As is typical of any article on the internet, not everyone finished it: Certain questions didn't apply to everyone i. Still, this is a HUGE amount of responses.

Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo | News | The Guardian

This may be the largest survey in existence of pooping and naked habits out there. This is basically the Margaret Mead of poop.

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I was surprised by this; I expected "only rarely" to be the winner. This question was inspired by an unnamed female BuzzFeed editor who insisted that everyone pees in the shower all the time, and it was weird not to. Lady out, she's right. And then there are people like me, who genuinely had trouble remembering naked hand they used and say at their desk pantomiming it both ways to see which felt natural, but still couldn't actually figure pooing out.