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She said she'll get some sparkling grape juice for my daughter so she can "pretend" with her own wine glass. Is this really necessary? They're just kids and orange juice or soft drinks are fine, surely?

OK, this is a question of two teen. At 11, your daughter is just a child but like her brother, she'll have amature nude phillipinas eye on her older cousins.

Watching and copying is how she's going to learn and make sense of growing up.

Dear Mary-anne: Is 15 too young for a Christmas Day drink?

I can't see a problem with your sister's suggestion. As children, we had champagne flutes on the table for special occasions and even though we were maryanne juice in them, it was fun to pretend. My view is that you'd be teaching your daughter that alcohol is something to be enjoyed in moderation with food and friends.

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It's different for your son because your sister is suggesting alcohol. Legally, he's not allowed alcohol unless he's with a parent — which he will be. But then, another school of thought says children's developing brains and bodies can't cope with any alcohol at all.