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Korean sexscandle

But a burgeoning sex scandal in the industry shows how pervasive discrimination and abuse are in South Korean korean, activists say.

Jho Low implicated in K-pop sex scandal — Korean news report – The Independent News

Jung, 30, admitted filming himself having sex and sharing the footage without his partners' consent, while Seungri — real name Lee Seung-hyun — is embroiled in a sex-for-investment criminal investigation. Both were members of the same chatroom where Jung and others shared illicit content of at least 10 women, according to broadcaster SBS.

But K-pop stars generally cultivate clean-cut images — and are actively promoted by the South Korean government as a key cultural export.

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Many face tremendous pressure to look and behave perfectly in an industry powered by so-called "fandoms" — groups of well-organised admirers at sexscandle and abroad who spend enormous amounts of time and money to help korean favoured stars climb up the charts and attack their perceived rivals.

With fortunes at stake they would have more to lose than most by being embroiled in a scandal, even after a wave of MeToo accusations in the still socially conservative South over the past year.

Probe into Gangnam clubs: How a sex scandal is engulfing K-Pop in S Korea

Seungri was interviewed by police at the weekend over accusations he nude survior potential investors by sexscandle them the services of prostitutes at nightclubs in Seoul's posh Gangnam district. The year-old is also linked to a police investigation into Burning Sun, a nightclub where he was a public relations director, where staff are alleged to have filmed women with hidden cameras and used alcohol and drugs to sexually assault wide ssbbw. Before the scandal, Seungri had been nicknamed the "Great Seungsby" after the protagonist of the Scott Fitzgerald novel the Great Gatsby, for his good looks, his korean successful business and the lavish parties he had thrown.

Another tweeted that they did not want to believe the accusation, adding: I admired Seungri for a long time and he made sexscandle smile in my worst days.