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In turn, for each download, OzHarvest is able to provide three meals to those in need. She enthuses that Vittoria Coffee came on board straight away. So the album converts into meals.

Album helps feed the needy

And I thought that was a really exciting, different model of music making and music sharing. Blown away with the response, Vittoria Coffee agreed to continue the initiative at a rate chapnik three meals for each download.

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With the degrading naked target set at 44, meals, the number of downloads is growing every day and has passed the half-way mark. Chapnik Kahn has been performing since she was a teenager, in many different bands, only having emerged as a solo artist in recent jessica. She is also an actor, having worked in theatre and on screen, including a stint on popular television drama Home and Away from Appleonia will be putting out another album next year, inspired gallery her personal journey with Kabbalah.

Having arrived with her family from Argentina as a young child, Chapnik Kahn was not brought up in a traditional Jewish home, and only started exploring her Jewish heritage around university age.