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Y r indian girls very sexy?

Yup my boyfriend's sister is Pakistani and her boyfriend is white. But she is Americanize don't think she even knows her native language.

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Hell yeah!! The first to girls I dated at school were both Indian, and practically indiangirlsverysexy only 2 at my school.


I always had foxy babestation natural attraction to the skin tone and black shiny wavy hair. And I love the Indian culture, but have no real desire to go there.

Indian girls rock!!! I'm European myself and I find Indian girls very sexy, I've actually been chatting to this really hot Indian girl over the last few months and she is literally the biggest crush I have ever had: So yeah European guys are attracted to Indian girls.

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Its just the Indian men who are stereotyped as 'ugly, dirty and perverted' all over the world, just because a small handful of Indian men have those traits. Yeah, I like indian girls myself You are cute btw. Indiangirlsverysexy good that you do. I'm from the Caribbean: