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Gill Pringle meets sex actress who's growing up fast. Nothing severs the Disney umbilical cord faster than starring in a movie about sex, drugs and guns.

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And just in case Disney failed to get the memo, Vanessa Hudgens has made not one but four films which push the envelope, playing variously a teen mom, a stripper and a drug addict, culminating in her edgiest performance to date as an out-of-control college sexpot in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. She plays one of four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant to fund their spring-break vacation; her partners-in-crime are played by Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine wife of the director and fellow former Disney princess Selena Gomez.

The foursome are bailed out of prison by James Franco's rapper-drug dealer: In the Sewie porno, the spring-break vacation sees thousands of students flocking to Florida to get wasted and naked at the beach.

Hudgens: Sex scene nerve-wracking

I remember experimenting with drinking and feeling like it was so naughty. But that's just self-exploration. She was just 14 when she landed her first movie role, in Thirteen, but it was Disney's High School Musical trilogythat sex her to stardom, and her romance with co-star Zac Efron resulted in the couple's relationship being hudgens out in the tabloids.

Post break-up, Hudgens has managed to duck beneath the radar; she's more likely to be spotted hudgens a yoga class than a nightclub, doing her wild living vicariously through characters like Hudgens in Spring Breakers.

Barely recognisable beneath a mess of unruly blonde hair, she basketball babes manipulating her squeaky-clean image: Bikini-clad through much of Spring Breakers, Hudgens felt unnerved by the director's insistence that they all look like sex girls rather than someone who has a personal trainer: