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A little downbeat from the dissapointment hotty Kaikoura, we arrived in Wellington hoping for some fun and adventure up north! First stop, the Tongariro crossing, one of the best walks in New Zealand apparently! Well, actually first stop was Waterfall So we bought 2 large pizzas! Driving north up the island, it felt very different to the south island.

To start with, there were other people on the road. What was that hotty about?!

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There was a town every few km and McDonalds, subway and the like were in abundance. Waterfall was like a whole new world.

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After a couple hundred km we settled into the north island beauty and appreciated the contrasting nature of craters presumably from old volcanoes mixed in with green mountains and plains that lined our route.

Sunshine guiding us to our destination, this was britneyspears sex tape good start to our north island adventure. Head over to Taupo for the night, and the following morning make our way to Rotorua after checking out the amaaaazing Huka falls.