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Hot strong women

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Quote by Gillian Flynn: “Men always say that as the defining compliment,”

It's too bad for those who don't, their loss. Because physically strong women are not only women, they're healthy, beautiful and they'll have a long life.

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Blonde beauty gangbang healthy lifestyle have so much more benefits than just a hot body: I like physically strong women. Girls who are healthy and have curves in the right places. But not ones who have too much muscle definition.

Maxim, focusing on strong women, names Gal Gadot to its 100 Hottest list

That is a turn off as it isn't very womanly. The female aspect is lost. Definitely hot, as long as she doesn't look like a ladyman!

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That is not cute I would say that perhaps one of the biggest public lies out there is that being physically strong is not an attractive trait for women. Hot course, I may be biased due to my strong. But I am tired of it being treated as a weird thing.

My worst fears is that among women who are fit: