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Girl girl has attack and defense stats that contribute to the overall stats of the gang.


When a girl achieves a new level, she takes off a piece of clothing. If they are suparsex photo shoes initially then they retain them when stripped. Upgrading a girl may require you to buy items of clothing from the Girls' Storefight to obtain jewelry and gangstar miscellaneous items, or obtain a full set of collectibles for quest-related girls.

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The information about file's names isn't on the wiki for now but will be on each girl's page in Notes area soon. These are the girls that you "conquer" from the storyline quests. With the release of Siberia, a new feature was introduced: In addition to the previously encountered jobs when following a city's storyline the player now had nude fight through various dungeons "Go on an adventure".

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Busty angela nude player has to fight a number of smaller bosses Guard, Chemistmid-level bosses Boss, Assistantand one final boss Doctor.

Upon defeating these opponents the player adds several girls to his gang:. Nude addition, the so-called "Ice Queen challenge" time-limited presented another opportunity to recruit a girl, the Ice Girlwhich required defeating the Dwarf King Lapland and the Doctor Headquarters maze.


Recently after the release of Cruise ship this also became of importance to fight higher-level city bosses. Some girls can only be obtained by gangstar time offers. Depending on how much real money you spend you can receive girls. The girls available change regularly to encourage repeat purchases.