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Nutella-scented nude lipsticks are here, and the swatches look scrumptious

Shocker right? What should be a wholesome organic spread with emphasis on 2 nutella natural ingredients somehow got lost along the way. No fear, my feller cohorts and I have resurrected what nutella should be, no weird hydrogenated oils or refined sugar, just real food.

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It is But why am I indulging in a bowl of this nutella at such a late hour? My inner nude owl has not been tamed by motherhood.

What is this extraneous creature that dwells within me only to enliven after foto teacher fucked. Or those slumber parties with all your best girlfriends, prank calling sexy phone lines in the wee hours of the night.

Full can see myself as an old woman, still staying up late to read, write, create, laugh, cry.

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Do you any have night owl tendencies?