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Ethipian-Israelis protest police violence in Tel Aviv.

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Angered by the killing of Solomon Tekah on Sunday, thousands of protesters from the Ethiopian-Israeli community and boy took to major roads nude women oriental junctions on Tuesday to protest excessive police force directed at the community. At the end of the day of violence, Police were reporting that some 47 officers were wounded and 60 people arrested during the protests.

The country was brought boating a standstill, with some of the biggest highways, such as the Trans-Israel Highway and Route 4, the Coastal Road and the Ayalon all suffering closures in part, leading to massive traffic jams around the country.

On the highway close to Ramle a car being driven at high speed hit a protestor without stopping.

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Boating protestor was taken to hospital in moderate condition. The police said that they initially refrained from dispersing the protests and street blockades, but that when the protests became violent, boy the throwing of stones, petrol bombs, burning tires and attacks against police personnel, they were forced to act.

In some locations where protesters blocked the roads, there was a noticeable absence of police and of any efforts to remove the protesters for several hours, apparently out of a concern not to create further confrontation between the Ethiopian-Israeli community and the police.

Ethiopian Protests In other locations however, such as Kiryat Ata, protesters threw stones and set fire to a vehicle ethiopian tires, and 19 protesters were arrested.

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Fires were set at other junctions as well. In Kiryat Ata, a vehicle was set ablaze at a major junction, while the Azrieli junction in Tel Aviv was blocked by protesters. Tekah was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer on Sunday. According to Walla, in a call to the emergency police line made by the officer litlegirlxxx minutes before he shot Tekah, he reported that stones were being thrown at him and that he was being attacked, and he requested urgent police assistance.

The policeman himself was injured during the incident and was treated and released Ethiopian night from the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa. We will not pay the expensive price of our children dying young.