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Cambodian 'jungle woman' flees back to wild

Scott Rawlinson, Guest Cambodian - 18 Feb, The Apsara Authority and Naked media were quick to pounce on the incident and start a finger-pointing campaign.

However, lacking since the story broke has been a serious discussion about the ways in which Khmer women were represented, how expectations of Khmer women were conveyed, and whether they were helpful and culturally justified, or restrictive, demonstrating a subtle regulation of female expression and sexuality.


I offer no definitive answers here. Rather, I hope to spark a debate not only about the clear gendered characteristics girl the Khmer-language media and of national naked the world over and its implications, as well as a discussion about gender representation in general.

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The walls of the Angkor Wat temple complex, as well as those of Angkor Thom, the Bayon girl Ta Prohm, among others, are adorned with dancing figures apsaras and guardians devatas. Naked grandma blog, it is not unusual to find these figures depicted nude from head-to-waist on the walls and bas-reliefs of the various complexes dotted around the Angkor cambodian.

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In late Januarythe Phnom Penh Post reported that several images of a partially naked woman of Asian appearance, dressed to resemble the classical apsara dancers, were posted on a Chinese photo-sharing site under an account named: The images were reported to have been taken at Banteay Kdei temple, located eastward of Angkor Thom.

Before long the images found their way onto Facebook to be commented on and shared. What followed was an organisational and media reaction that, consciously or unconsciously, conflated expectations of Khmer women with Khmer culture and the Cambodian nation. Chau Sun Kerya, a spokesperson at the Apsara Authority, was tasked with managing the fallout from the incident.