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Top definition. Cockney rhyming slang for look butchers hook.

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In cockney rhyming slangto "have a butcher's " means to have a look, from the rhyming slang sex butcher's hook ". Let's have a buthcer's around the grounds then, shall we?

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Rhyming slang - Butchers hookmeaning look. Butcher let's have a butchers at that! In this case it's been used to discribe petty persistent criminals or a crook, hence the Butchers bit butchers hook - crook.

Beleived to have started primarily in the West of the Island in the early 's.

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Then went on to pervade the island and some parts of the near mainland. Now it sex used to describe any Kind of criminal butcher from torching a car to burglary and shoplifting.

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Oii nipper did you read about butchers jen hilton wet the paper. Been caught shopliftling again.