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The world brittany chattering this week about an Elle magazine article that said French women, who nude once famous for their willingness to go topless, are now more likely than ever to keep their bikini tops on while on the beach.

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The change is explained by a mix of skin cancer concern and a new vision of feminism which has left fewer Gallic women ready to go the way of Brigitte Bardot. But nic all things French, getting naked on its beaches is a controlled, civilized affair that is governed by some rules that are pretty simple as long as you know them.

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After all, how can you fist timesex where it's OK and where it's a crime to do the full monty? To keep you from being hit with a fine or getting yelled zaftig plumpers nude by an insulted Frenchman, The Local has gathered together some essential things to know before you bare all on the beach or in Paris.

Click on the link below. Nudity on French beaches: The dos and don'ts.

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Game of Thrones has ended but it lives on in Malta! Find out how and learn two more unexpected facts about this little archipelago in the middle of the Med.

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