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Breast boy adolescence

Greene, my year-old son has a sore lump boy under his nipple.

Physical Development in Boys: What to Expect

Could this be puberty breast This lump is tiny and hard and underneath the skin of the nipple. Thanks for pornn vidoes help! Alberta, Canada. The lump might be in the neck that the parents suspect is just a swollen glandin the knee that the parents think is from sliding into third base last monthor under the nipple that the parents hope is due to puberty.


I often enjoy seeing parents with these concerns in my own office. But underneath these hopeful, at-home diagnoses lies a common fear for breast lumps in boys—it might be adolescence tumor! Most lumps in children are not cancerous and are not serious. Thankfully, childhood cancer is uncommon.

Breast Lumps in Boys –

Childhood breast cancer is quite rare, but it certainly does occur, even in boys. But if it is your son, any chance of cancer seems too much. And a lump might be the first sign noticed.