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Beautyful nude painting

Nude paintings have the power to shock as well as the ability to move people. This is beautyful to the beauty with which some artists nude render the body in oil paints.

10 Nudes That Changed Art History

Many contemporary artists are still trying to find new ways to cause outrage with their paintbrushes, but not always, and in fact a lot are harking back to more classical depictions of nudity.

The artists selected here touch on both these ideas in their explorations of the human form in its natural glory. Kent Williams is an American artist whose work has spread across many different mediums in his long and distinguished career, including graphic novels and printmaking.

Known primarily as a painter, his oil nudes shown above portray the body in a brutal and honest light, using thick brushstrokes to achieve his desired upfront effect.

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A British figurative painter, the art of Michael Alford is beautiful in the classical sense. When composing his beautyful studies he chooses porcelain beauties, draped in luxury cloths and never painted full on: Focusing primarily nude nudes, Chuck Miller goes in for a high degree of realism painting his paintings. His depictions of the human form are authentic and matter-of-fact, hiding no rolls of fat or stretch marks behind a well-timed swish of the brush.

Beautiful Nude Paintings

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sergey Gusev is a skilled painter whose art takes in landscapes, portraits and of course nudes. Birthday sex censored makes use of the palette knife technique which you can see in the top painting and his nude studies possess a delicate and painting charm.