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The date of return shall be the date of filing an application, unless otherwise were agreed between Provider and Client; The Client is not allowed: To post or store any materials violating legislation of the Republic of Estonia and infringing rules and regulations of the European Union; Publish or send any information or software that contains a computer "viruses," "worms," or able to disrupt the normal operation of the computers accessible over the network; To make unauthorized and unsolicited e-mailing SPAMas well as send messages on bulletin boards, forums and websites using Provider services; Publish information aimed at inciting ethnic hatred, as well as calling for violence or the overthrow of the current government; To host phishing sites, and any other resources aimed at hacking or cheating visitors to gain access to their personal data; Use Provider resources for direct or indirect copyright infringement; To host any pornographic material involving underage persons, as well as models of looking younger than 18 years.

Pornographic materials involving animals are not allowed as well; Sale of goods and services, which is limited by the Estonian legislation.

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These products are tobacco, alcohol and medicaments; Organization of online casinos and other gambling websites, except cases when the Client has all necessary licenses and permits for such activities on the territory of the Estonian Republic; Terms of the suspension and service denial: In case of violation one or more paragraphs these conditions, Provider has the right to instantly block all services.

After that Client will receive a notification via internal query system. Further, in the case of a positive solution to the situation on a specific claim delete prohibited content, the transfer of the site to another Provider, etc.

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Personal data provided by the Client, are processed in accordance with data protection law. Data can be transferred to third parties only if agreed with Client or in cases stipulated by law; Client is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to Provider; The Provider is not responsible for any possible damage in case when Client has been provided any incorrect data; Responsibilities of the parties: The Institute is developing a virtual forum to host follow-up meetings in order to raise awareness on women, peace and security issues among key stakeholders and to establish concrete guidelines and mechanisms for national implementation of resolution В настоящее время Институт работает над созданием виртуального форума для организации последующих мероприятий, с тем чтобы повысить осведомленность по вопросам женщин, мира и безопасности среди ключевых участников и разработать конкретные руководящие принципы и механизмы для осуществления резолюции на национальном уровне.

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While in effect the virtual universities would host researchers and professors from around the world, the points of presence would be their classrooms in underprivileged communities all over the world. Виртуальные университеты фактически будут приглашать исследователей и преподавателей со всего мира, а местные отделения будут как бы их учебными аудиториями в бедных общинах во всех странах мира.

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In some server configurations you may need to setup a single server containing 2 virtual SSL hosts: The first one for public web access, with no requirement for a client second one to be secure with a required client certificate, running a Subversion server. В некоторых серверных конфигурациях вам может быть необходимо настроить один сервер, включающий 2 виртуальных SSL-узла: The host country had a "quasi- virtual veto" in the Committee.

Страна пребывания обладает в Комитете " квазивиртуальным вето".

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Host your page for a desired time in our virtual server hosting. Хостинг вашей страницы в заданное время в наших виртуальных серверах. To work around this, switch to a virtual console and back to the original X host. Для решения этой проблемы попробуйте переключиться в виртуальную консоль и обратно. The treatment of these children is often not supervised in any way, and they sometimes become virtual slaves in their new host families. То, как с этими детьми обращаются, нередко никак не контролируется, и иногда они превращаются практически в рабов принявших их семей.

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Run several virtual systems on a single host computer. Дмитрий Козлов, Приведи кандидата на вакансию и получи 60 рублей. Присылай резюме на info dlg. Разбираемся в понятиях: On-premise Server, Self-hostedHosted, Cloud Глобально, существует всего 2 модели хостинга ПО — на собственном физическом сервере или на облачном.

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