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Не подошел? Пользователи HostAdvice рекоммендуют 14 Маским Острижко Технический директор HostAdvice When comparing Wix and HostGator it is important to note that Wix offers some impressive extra features, such as full service website creation options.

HostGator has been great! So get deal at first and lock in as long as you can because at renewal it it full retail rates which are NOT competitive Свернуть. Виртуальный хостинг: They claim to backup your site each week off-site. I really wanted to give them five stars here, because they are doing a lot of things right.

Here is what I like about their support: However, I asked very specific questions that I felt a newbie website owner would ask to see what the response was. In one instance, I was pointed to a video tutorial on webmail. What I would really want as a newbie would be to have someone walk me through the steps.

In addition, when digging deeper and looking at reviews on their customer service, I found a number of one and two stars reviews across the Internet. Customers stated things such as: Now, to be fair, some of the complaints were with issues such as not enough things being in other languages. Their money-back guarantee is for 45 days, which should allow people to see how well the hosting works for them and get a good idea of average speeds.

Granted, I only tested them for two weeks, but my uptime stats were strong and I never noticed an issue with throttling. Of course, my test site was very basic. I uploaded a test site that I use for this and is about the size of a small business site with some images, mostly text, and a few additional features installed, such as a shopping cart.

Отзывы о HostGator - настоящие отзывы о хостинге HostGator

HostGator is a good choice for companies looking for an all-around solution for hosting. There are a couple of reasons I withheld that star.

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First, I hosted with them a number of years ago, and the customer service at the time was atrocious. I wound up taking my toys and leaving for another hosting company.

However, they seem to have cleared up the issues of reps not being polite and they were very fast to respond as well. I am going to chalk the previous experience up to growing pains and perhaps poorly trained customer service reps. The other reason I withheld a star was the confusion with the rates after introductory period. I really want you to be aware of that, so you can buy a lot of package up front and save as much as possible in the long run. That is what makes this hosting a great deal.

However, if you sign up for 12 months, your rate will go up after the 12 months are up. Things I really liked about my HostGator experience were how easy it was to set up my test site and that it is very familiar as it runs on the same cPanel that many other hosting companies utilize. Another advantage to going with a company that offers a variety of plans is that as your business grows you can simply move to a new plan without having to completely move your website.

HostGator also lists that they still offer the FrontPage extension. When Microsoft stopped updating and supporting this HTML editor a number of years ago, many servers stopped offering the ability to use FrontPage with an extension.

This is actually a difficult feature to find a real bonus to anyone who still utilizes the software to build basic websites. Overall, HostGator is a good choice for the beginning website owner.

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